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Temple Pilots

Templepilots is a dream born of love and passion for freedom and flying.

With over 40 years of combined experience of its core founders – Anita, Avi, we have been able to put ourselves among the best paragliding schools today.

Templepilots is a certified, registered and operating school no.9 with APPI International – (Association Of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland), as we have satisfactorily met the certification standards set by them.

We have one of the largest teams amongst paragliding schools worldwide with nine instructors thereby maintaining an excellent instructor to student’s ratio. This not only gives you quality training but also high safety standards.

With our 100% safety record and professional standards of training Templepilots is the only school recognised by the Aeroclub Of India as an associate member of the IPF (Indian Parachuting Federation).

As founders and pioneers of paragliding in Kamshet, it gives us immense joy and pride that Kamshet has today become the hub of paragliding in India and made its place in the paragliding world map

Templepilots has step by step structured plans and programs for pilots of all levels.

Today, Templepilots is the only school in India that covers basic to most advanced level training available in any part of the world.

Our Flight training includes specialised clinics for Cross country (XC), SIV (security in flight) to Acro training by APPI validated and certified Instructors in all these disciplines.

Templepilots also offers professional and recognised courses for Instructors and Tandem pilots.

With the first and most active paragliding Club in the country, you will find a wonderful community of pilots to learn from, interact and make new pilot friends. The Club has its own coaches and mentors to guide pilots at every stage, to fly safely. It also organises social get togethers and events.

What truly sets us apart is our Flying Vacations to the most exotic of locations.

For several years now, we have been the first ones to combine the thrill of flying with explorations and destination holidays.

Templepilots is run by pilots with a passion for flying. With us its all about having fun, learning and growing and laughing together.



Our team is our strength. It’s young, energetic and passionate. Young not only in age but in their attitude to keep learning. Energetic not only in strength but also in their desire to be the best. Passionate because they all come from surrounding villages and towns, and for them their land, their mountains are their backyard....they want nothing more than to be able to fly over these beautiful landscapes.

Our team yearns for our pilots to fly higher, farther and safer...

They are true sportsmen – patient yet know when to give a push, kind but yet know when to be firm, lots of fun but super serious at work...from playing cricket at the landing sites after flying or taking care of elderly flying enthusiasts to fulfil their lifelong dream to fly – they are up for any challenge with honest hearts and a smile that shines through all fear & doubt.

Avi: Avi is effectively the most qualified Instructor in the country today. APPI International’s Instructor, Avi is a qualified and Certified Tandem Instructor, XC (Cross Country) Instructor and SIV Instructor.

Anita: Anita flies a Zulu, Gin glider which she is quite attached to and has flown different sites at Bali-Indonesia, Kamshet - Maharashtra and Vagamon and Munnar - Kerala. She was also the only woman pilot and Indian to fly at the Third International Flying Festival at Vagamon, Kerala. She is now looking forward to taking her flying to the next level and fly more exotic locations in India and around the world...

Ganpat: Senior Instructor of Temple Pilots. APPI Pilot and Instructor. FAI Paragliding Sporting License and Tandem Pilot. Certified Emergency First Responder and First Aider is currently Temple Pilots Chief Operations Officer.

Sunny Kolekar: 21yrs - Assistant Instructor, Cross Country pilot and Tandem Pilot

Young and handsome, this promising pilot is maturing into a fine Instructor. He has a very friendly personality and connects to the student pilots with ease. You will usually find him smiling mischievously and up to some prank with one of his teammates. He is stylish, charming and a very kind soul.

One can see his potential as a pilot when he is working in a thermal. He is pretty excited about his Tandem flying career and is looking forward to flying a lot. He is on his way to becoming a true blue cool Paragliding Instructor. Most of all he is a wonderful human being whom we all love.

Ankush Takve: 22yrs - Assistant Instructor and Tandem Pilot

Ankush is a thorough gentleman and an epitome of sincerity. Everything is right and good about Ankush and add to that his beautiful smile. He has a wonderful attitude which shows in his keenness to keep learning and growing in every aspect of his profession. He is maturing fast both a solo pilot and an Instructor. He is a very focused young man with a very helpful nature.

He is looking forward to Tandem flying and learning new acro tricks. He may tell you an interesting story or two about his flying in Pokhara, Nepal. He has an amazing future in front of him and everyone in the team respects Ankush for who he is. We only have praise for this young man and there’s a lot one can learn from him.

Sachin Jadhav: 25yrs - Assistant Instructor 

Sachin has a wonderful energy about him and his presence will directly put you in a good mood. He is as hard working as he is good looking. He is very active on the field and is among the friendliest of Instructors in the team. He has good motor skills and loves his flying.


You will instantly make friends with him when you see his dazzling smile.


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Contact Info

+91-9970053359, +91-9920120243
Talegaon Dabhade, Pune- 410506


Five Star Certified by APPI International – Association of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland


-APPI International – Association of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland

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