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Trekking In North East India: Trekking in northeast India will prove to be a rare wilderness experience. The major trekking routes in northeast India includes all the seven states of the northeast India. There are countless trekking routes that have been recently opened for the trekking enthusiasts. For an enthusiastic leisure seeker, few destinations in the world would match the dimensions of the northeast India.

Trekking in Arunachal Pradesh: Arunachal Pradesh - the extreme north eastern state of India is one of the most unexplored areas of the Himalayas. This green patch of India is botanically rich and complete with trekking opportunities and hundreds of plant species, rare to find elsewhere in the world. The tropical and semi tropical climate of the area has favoured in the growth of a spectacular range of plantations.

Trekking in Meghalaya: The trekking opportunity in Meghalaya is outstanding for the fact that, the terrain is very challenging like in Himalayan areas but with the advantage of not being snow-wrapped. An added attraction is the possibility of intimating with many rare species of flora & fauna, rare to find elsewhere. You can hire guides to walk through the most alluring and confusing terrains of the Meghalaya, which is characterised by flowing rivers, rolling hills and towering waterfalls.

Trekking is NagalandTrekking in Mizoram: Mizoram in India has an abundant deep valleys veiled with rich and luxuriant surroundings filled with a vast variety of flora and fauna. Relish the landscape of Mizoram abundant with wild flowers, splendid scenery, local people, dancing people, while you trek through them. There are routes, which ascend steeply, and which go around local villages, passing through forests of rhododendron and orchids. It is this very charm that attracts the spiritual joy that trekkers have found.


Trekking is Nagaland: Nagaland in the north eastern part of India is trekker's paradise. The adventurous land of Nagaland offers bountiful trekking opportunities. The physiology of Nagaland is hilly and mountainous with lush green surroundings. The environment of Nagaland is salubrious, providing healthy atmosphere to the tourists in Nagaland. For a driving and daring leisure seeker, few destinations in the world would match the trekking dimensions of Nagaland.





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