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Adventures Unlimited

Adventures Unlimited has been formed by adventurers for adventurers.
We have experienced every aspect of our tours, treks and adventure
sports ourselves so we know what you want. If you want nature, we have
it. If you want some of the most magnificent photo opportunities in
the country, we have them too. If you want to get up close and
personal with a yak, elephant or even a tiger, no problem. If you want
to dangle precariously off the side of a mountain, we can make that
happen. If you want to feel the hum of an Enfield in every bone in
your body, please look no further. Or if you simply want adrenaline...
that's what we do. Motorbike and mountain bike tours, rentals,
trekking, kayaking, rock climbing,paragliding and rafting are just some of the
adventures we offer. We specialise in Northern India, mostly in the
Himalayan foothills in the North East, extending out to Nepal, Bhutan
and Tibet.

Look no further, We will make your travel the adventure you seek.

Mountain Bike Tours

Tell your friends you mountain-biked the Himalayan foothills and be a
legend forever! We use the best bikes ('Trek', 'Specialized' and
'Conandale') and offer customized tours to suit your skills, fitness
and road conditions. It's the eco-friendly way to see India. Escape
the bustle and enjoy the randomness that will definitely unfold as
your bike through India.

Mountain Bike Rental

Venture out on your own on the best mountain bikes, equipped with maps
(or not!) and experience India in a way few others do. Surrounding
attractions include a wildlife sanctuary, tea gradens and daily
village life with many opportunities to stop, sip some chai and chat
with the locals. Take it at your own pace - as gentle or challenging
as you choose.


We offer rafting on the Teesta and Zanskhar Rivers, two of North East
India's most naturally beautiful waterways. Whether you are a beginner
or an advanced rafter, we will cater a scenic journey to challenge and
delight you. Consider including an overnight riverside camp or make
the river just part of a larger tour.

Motorbike Tours

India is the only place in the world you can tour on a classic Royal
Enfield so why not make the most of this opportunity and let us design
you a motorbike tour through Rajasthan, Ladakh or the North East. Our
guides are knowledgeable and just love the bikes so you will be in
good company. Consider extending your tour to include Nepal, Bhutan
and Tibet for one hell of a ride.

Motorbike Rental

Royal Enfield rental in India will open up doors you never knew
existed. India loves the Enfield and therefore all who ride it. And if
you don't want to chat, just ride away very fast! We'll provide you
with advice, maps, beautifully serviced machines and technical
support. You provide us with an international driver's license and
it's on!

Rock Climbing

What better place to rock climb than in the Himalayan foothills, with
a view of Kanchenjunga (the world's third tallest mountain) in the
distance. Darjeeling and West Sikkim have numerous bouldering sites
where you can climb with our experienced guides. Lessons are also
available for any skill level. We can even customize a rock climbing
tour for you throughout this magnificent mountainous region.


Many traveler's come to India to test themselves - here is the
ultimate test. A week long kayaking tour down the North East's Teesta
River will thrill and challenge you for sure. The package includes
includes lessons for every skill level, all equipment (including life
jackets!), food, tents and experienced guides. We invite you to make
this kayaking tour just part of a larger journey throughout India's
adventure region.


We offer a number of different treks throughout Kashmir, Himachal
Pradesh and the North Eastern states including the Goechela, Singalila
and Dzongri Ridge treks. We provide knowledgeable guides, porters,
equipment, medicines, permits, yaks and all food and accommodation. If
you're really lucky we'll even give you a specialized trekker's cake
to fuel you along the way. There's time for photos, for chai, for
yoga, for cards, for nature. We'll do everything we can to make your
trek the experience you seek and can customize your trip according to
your preferences. We recommend 7 - 14 day tours of this incredible
untouched terrain, although shorter treks can also be arranged.



Fly high like a Himalayan eagle. Offering paragliding experiences in Sikkim and Darjeeling. Try our short mountain view flights or our hours long X country flights. 

Luxury Tours

We also offer decadent customized luxury tours throughout Rajasthan,
Agra, Delhi, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan and
Nepal. For more details click here.



A company made by adventurers for the adventurers....


  • Trekking
  • River Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappeling
  • Bicycle Touring
  • Mountain Biking
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Photography Adventure

Contact Info

Adventures Unlimited Hotel Norling Complex 142 ( 1 ) Dr . Zakhir Hussian Road Darjeeling - 734101 West Bengal INDIA
Adventures Unlimited Hotel Norling Complex 142 ( 1 ) Dr . Zakhir Hussian Road Darjeeling - 734101 West Bengal INDIA


voted the best adventure sports company past 2 years in Darjeeling. Recommended in Lonely Planet, Rough guide, Petit Fute, Ru tard and many online blogs and forums


we believe in free independent running.

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