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Flight 4 Fantasy

Fly an Airplane - The most amazing experience of your life time.
Flying a plane is one of the most desired, but unfulfilled dream that most have. Live your dream in any of our high precision flight simulators. Flight 4 Fantasy is the FIRST and only flight simulation centre in INDIA, providing an experience of virtual flying to non-pilots.
We look forward to welcoming you On Board!


Flight 4 Fantasy for the FIRST time in INDIA lets you fulfil your dream to FLY.

Wondered how a pilot flies a plane?
Wanted to peep inside a cockpit?
Dreamt of flying a plane?

You can now take control and be the Pilot of an aircraft. We let you take off and land at more than 20,000 Airports around the world. Our experienced Instructors will guide you through your Flight Experience and our simulators will keep you at the edge of your seats. With stunning high definition visuals/ sound and realistic representation of the complex aircraft cockpit, you will have the most memorable experience. Suit your interests by picking one of amongst our varied range of flight simulators including Boeing 737 NG, Cessna 172 or Fighter jets.

At our centre, YOU are the CAPTAIN and you will be in charge of your plane. So 
do not restrict your aspirations and get set to add wings to your DREAMS! 

Bookings to your Flight Experience will be opening SOON. Prepare yourself for the most realistic Experience of your lifetime and watch this space for more updates!

Flight 4 Fantasy for the FIRST time in INDIA offers premier flight simulation hardware and software to experience realistic flying at the comfort of your home.



Vybhav Srinivasan: One of India’s  popular Home Cockpit Builder (eg: MSN). He is on Board of Governor and Public Relations Director of International Virtual Aviation Organisation (www.ivao.aero) (world’s  largest online flight simulation community with more than 350,000 members around the world). He is also Executive Vice President of Mycockpit.org (www.mycockpit.org) (world’s largest online home cockpit builders community). Served as Front Page Editor of Avsim (www.avsim.com) (world’s largest flight simulation community).


Deepak Agarwal: Developed, evaluated and implemented Business Plans. Strong background in Strategic Planning, Corporate and Business Finance, Deal Structuring and Mergers and acquisition. Entrepreneurial background with keen interest on incubating and nurturing new business ventures.


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