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Cocopelli Surf School

Come and learn to surf at Cocopelli Surf School, the first and only surf school in Gokarna. Travel India and spend a relaxing and exciting surf vacation at one of the most beautiful surf spots in India.

The long beach of Gokarna Main Beach provides perfect waves for beginners. Its clean blue waters brings it to its best. Light current and pleasant streaming makes sure you don't run out of breath just from paddling. If you don't want to get stuck in the rainy season visit us between October and May, which is suitably the best time for beginners to surf. The pre-monsoon and the post-monsoon (before October and after May) can be a challenge for the pro surfers.


You will learn to surf in very small groups or one on one. We provide daily surfing lessons. Sandeep, our experienced surf teacher, will give you some instructions about technics and safety before you start paddling into the sea and catch your first wave.

Gokarna, Karnataka


Sandeep Samuel: Sandeep, born in 1984, was brought up in Chennai. He started his sports career as a professional snooker player and was ranked in Tamil Nadu as No.1 and in India as No. 4 in Snooker (2004 - 2005). While travelling India, Sandeep found himself on a surfboard and started surfing with relentless passion. Right now Sandeep has been surfing for more than 7 years and is running Cocopelli Surf School in Gokarna. He brought the joy of surfing to more than 400 surf students and surfed in Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands, Indonesia and all over the Indian coastline. He is very excited to explore more surfsport around the globe in future. In 2012 Sandeep got selected by the Surfing Federation of India to join the Indian team.

Venkta .S. Gouda: Venkta, born in 1994, started surfing at Cocopelli Surf School in Gokarna and is one of the biggest talents on the Indian westcoast. We saw him catching huge waves with his bodyboard in monsoon, when the sky was dark and the sea was rough and messy. We decided to give him a try with a surfboard. He stood up instantly and since that day, he couldn't stop surfing.

Madhu. S. Gouda: Madhu S. Gouda, born on the beach of Gokarna, is visiting BCPU college Gokarna and is living right next to the ocean. Madhu is Venkat's younger brother, when he saw Venkta and Sandeep surfing, he also wanted to surf. He already was a good swimmer, but when he came to Cocopelli Surf School he turned out to be a good surfer within a few month of effort and hard training. Madhu says he likes surfing a lot and it is great fun for him to catch waves. He is very motivated to show what surfing is to the Indian people of his generation.  A new era just started...

Yashwant M. Gowda: Yashwant M. Gowda, born on Gokarna main beach, is now doing schooling in Bhadrakali High School. Yashwant is one of thee youngest surfers, at just 15 years of age, and surfing with Cocopelli Surf School. He is very keen on getting better every day. Yashwant thinks that surfing is a lot of fun. He has been surfing for half a year, and has already got the knack of it. Yashwant looks forward to participating in surfing competitions.



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Main Beach - Belehittal - Gokarna PIN: 581326, Taluk-Kumta, District-Karwar State Karnataka India





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