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Brahmand Darshan

Brahmand Darshan is the organization of Amateur Astronomers in Mumbai, India. Brahmand Darshan & its associate people create an ideal environment for astronomy shows. We have unique & simple ability to provide excellent shows. Our shows have been designed keeping the considerate every level of audience. We maintain the shows level suitable for the audience. Our concept of program through a process of inquiry, discussion & observation, so every audience can understand the real sky in real time.

We are also providing real time astronomy observation shows through real time imaginary program with high end equipment.

Brahmand Darshan provides an educational awareness amongst people.

  • Mechanism towards education & creating awareness among masses about Astronomy & Space Science.
  • Conducting various events to make Astronomical studies more thought-provoking.
  • Gathering people for a one mutual objective of Astronomical studies.

Brahmand Darshan experience about Astronomical facts & events.

  • Experience about Astronomical facts, which create every time new historical events.
  • Experience some events, which happened once in a human life cycle.
  • Experience with latest instruments & technology.

Brahmand Darshan experience brings you away from your daily life.

  • Experience like WOW situation & creates positive energy in body.
  • Explored the night sky with your open eye & fill with enthusiasm.
  • Experience like Movie Theatre, where nature is a movie theatre called night sky.

Night sky is loaded with interesting characters are stars, planets, galaxies & meteor shower.

  • The people at night like to watch movies, daily tv shows & cartoons, instead of that we will present you natural movie

Our equipment : (equipment photos)

High configure & highly operate with professional people Telescopes Descriptions.


The Deeds of Brahmand Darshan :

  • Star gazing programs.
  • Full Night Star Gazing Programs.
  • 4hrs Star Gazing Programs.
  • Workshop for basic course of astronomy.
  • Study tours to sites of an astronomical importance.
  • Basic understanding on astrophotography.

Guide line to choose astronomy as carrier.



Bhavin Parekh : + 91 9820 134 054
Shalibhadra Hakani : + 91 9619 300 051


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Contact Info

+91 9594943435 / + 91 9820 134 054 / + 91 9619 300 051
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 401101





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