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Bangalore Aerosports

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Welcome to Bangalore Aerosports, one of India's few dedicated Microlight Flying Centers. We operate all year round on X-air, 3-axis Microlights, for training. A 30-minute drive, from central Bangalore, will get you to the Airfield.

We operate from Mysore Airport and Jakkur Aerodrome.

What and Why of Microlights

A Microlight is a conventional two-seater aircraft with an all up weight of 450 kgs, designed for training and recreation flying. By design it’s a high wing aircraft with its engine mounted high, this gives the flyer excellent visibility from the cockpit.

The aircraft is maintained and operated as per Civil Aviation requirements.


The X-air Microlight we fly is designed by Joel Kochelin. These aircrafts manufactured in Bangalore, India and flies in many countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Australia. It is popular world over for its safety and stability.



About Us

Founded by Wg Cdr Ashok Mehta, a fighter pilot with the IAF, the company specialisies in imparting flight training on three axis Microlight, X-Air.

Capt. Vinitha Mariappa, founder member, is a hobby pilot with over 1000hrs of flying experience from India and Europe and is a DGCA Approved Examiner on Microlights.

Our operations

We operate conventional 3-axis, "X-air Microlights". These aircrafts are approved, authorised and maintained by the rules of Director General Civil Aviation. We began Microlight operations in 1999, since then have over 5,000 hours to our credit, accident free.

Examiners are appointed by the DGCA to train amateurs for Pilot's Licence (Microlights). There are no approved flying schools for Microlights in the country.

Our association


Since inception, we have been providing Aerosports to Institutions, corporate groups, families and individuals. Our forte continues to be Flying Training for youngsters and individuals. Today we have had over 25 pilots who have passed out to be licenced Hobby Pilots.


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Contact Info

+91 98452 13374; +91 98459 37599
Hangar No 2, Mysore Airport, Mandakalli PO 571311, Mysore, Karnataka





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